Friday, March 19, 2010

Matt's S.E. Conn Spring Ride 1

Ok.  First, thanks to FTW for starting this blog, since mine gets almost no traffic.

 This ride is one that I made last year, and I ride portions of it all year round for fun.  It is scenic, easy, and very enjoyable.  Let me know if you ride this and how we can improve it!

Link to the "motowhere" ride map

Ride Description and Directions after the jump:

  • Starts in Salem, junction of RT82 and RT85.  At a strip mall coffee shop in the morning.
  • Head out on RT82 West into Hadlyme where 82 turns North.
  • Follow 82 another 2 miles and turn left on River Road and ride out to Gillette Castle for a brief rest/smoke. (and to shock the tourists).
  • Head back out East on Rt 148, Ferry Road and meet back up with RT82.
  • Follow RT82 East for about 4 or 5 miles and turn south on Rt156
  • Stay on 156 all the way through the villages and into Niantic which makes a good gas stop if needed.
  • Keep heading East on 156 all the way into Waterford/New London.
  • At Rt 213, turn right (south) and follow it until you get to Ocean Ave.
  • (this is my favorite part) Turn right on Ocean and ride through where the richies turn up their snoots at noisy vehicles.
  • At end of Ocean, left to see the lighthouse
  • Then Left again and head North on Pequot along the river (more snooties here too)
  • Stay on Pequot until the rotary, where you go Right on Howard
  • Just as you approach a marina, turn right on Hamilton.  This is an alley between two abandoned warehouses.
  • Over the tracks and have lunch at Capn' Scotts in Shaw's cove (bikes frequent this place in the summer, opens March 25th)
  • Back out to Howard, and North to Bank Street.
  • Right on Bank and through Downtown New London.
  • At the end, right toward the train station and follow the road (Water Street) all the way to RT32.
  • Hit RT32 North and stop in Montville at the Brown Derby for refreshments. (last stop for gas too)
  • Back out on RT32 North, then West on 163.
  • 163 is a nice road and it passes a indy shop that is pretty cool (B&S Cycle)
  • Stay on 163 (careful, 163 turns left at the only stop light)...youll see what I mean
  • Another good bar if interested at RT82 intersection.
  • Then left onto Rt82 West back to the start.

About 70 miles

Vetto (Matt)

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